Passion, adventure . . . Love
Jonah's Woman
Fire on the Prairie
Fire on the Plains
Her Scottish Captor
Theirs was a forbidden love in a savage Eden . . .
An intrepid bluestocking, Aurora Crenshaw has her sights set on
Montana. Once there, she plans to assist in an anthropology study
of the Crow Indians for the renowned Smithsonian Institute. But
with the fires of armed aggression raging on the frontier, Major
Jonah Mackenzie, a decorated Civil War hero and half-breed
Mohawk Indian, has been ordered to escort General Crenshaw's
niece on the westward-bound wagon train. Torn between his
military duty and his desire for a woman who is determined to
save the warlike Crow, Jonah vows to protect Aurora . . . even if it
means losing her forever.

A sensual western romance set in 1860s Montana,
Jonah's Woman
brims with romance, wonderful historical detail, and all the fury
of the untamed wilderness.
Determined to stand her ground when a gang of rebel
bushwhackers raids her Kansas farmstead, Mercy Hibbert soon
discovers that she's no match for the devil's own. Spencer
McCabe, a scout for the renegade gang, is hell-bent on tracking
down the jayhawker who killed his father and two brothers. When
he learns that Mercy has family ties to his sworn enemy, Spencer
realizes that she's the perfect bait with which to set a deadly trap.

As Spencer and Mercy make their way across war-torn Missouri,
danger and treachery follow in their wake, even as passion ignites
between them. In the story's heart-pounding climax, each must
choose whether to answer the cry of vengeance, or heed the call of
Fire on the Prairie is Book One of the Western Fire Series.
In the midst of war, one man seeks solace in the only
place left to him . . . in the arms of the enemy.
When Union veteran Benjamin Strong weds Lydia McCabe, a
headstrong southern widow, their marriage of convenience all too
soon turns into a tempestuous clash of wills. With their marital
vows still unconsummated, they embark on an arduous overland
journey to Texas to claim Lydia's inheritance -- a ten-thousand
acre cattle ranch. En route, Ben and Lydia are not only ambushed
by the notorious James Gang, but they must fight off a band of
bloodthirsty Comanche, even as they contend with the unexpected
desire that threatens to put them in the greatest danger of all . . .
falling in love.

A boldly sensual western romance,
Fire on the Plains is Book Two
of the Western Fire Series.
On the eve of her wedding, Yvette is abducted, her fate
now in the hands of a fearsome Highlander . . .
To avenge his brother's death, Iain MacKinnon, a Scottish laird,
kidnaps Lady Yvette Beauchamp, the daughter of his English
enemy. From the onset, Iain's contempt for the haughty
noblewoman becomes a raging desire. But when Yvette refuses to
become Iain's mistress, she's forced to become the new chatelaine
of Castle Maoil. Her duties not only continually throw Yvette into
Iain's path, but also into a dangerous intrigue when she discovers
that the castle's mysterious guest is none other than Robert the
Bruce, the recently crowned king of Scotland. As war with
England looms on the near horizon, loyalties are tested, putting
the burgeoning love between laird and captive to the ultimate test.

Set in fourteenth-century Scotland,
Her Scottish Captor, Book One
of the Highland Mist series, is a highly sensual tale of vengeance,
honor and the saving power of love.
On the untamed Texas frontier, two star-crossed lovers
discover an explosive passion.
"It is no longer a passion hidden in my heart . . . "
Copyright 2015. Kate Wingo. All rights reserved.
Her Scottish Warrior
Once sworn enemies, the formidable knight Sir Galen de Ogilvy
and the beautiful, headstrong Scotswoman Laoghaire MacKinnon
have been ordered by R
obert the Bruce to wed one another in
order to end the blood feud between their two families.
though their marriage is born of ancient hatreds, beneath the
newlyweds' fiery exchanges an explosive passion simmers. But
Laoghaire soon discovers a far more dangerous enemy lurking in
the shadows, one who will stop at nothing to stop the burgeoning
bond between her and Galen.
When the treachery is finally
revealed, it will put their love and their lives in deadly peril

Her Scottish Warrior is a sensuous and spirited tale in which
swords and hearts clash, as a formidable warrior and a
bold-hearted bride
discover that love, and not revenge, is the one
thing worth fighting for.
His greatest battle will be for her love.
The Highland Mist series continues . . .  
Coming February 2017
The Parting Glass
In the enchanted mists of Scotland, one woman finds a
love that spans the ages.
While exploring the medieval castle that she inherited on the far-
flung Isle of Lewis, Zoe Morrison uncovers a secret doorway;
whereupon she is hurled through a time portal and transported to
the mid-18th century. No sooner does she arrive than she is
caught in a whirlwind of armed rebellion and dangerous intrigue.
Unable to locate the mysterious doorway, Zoe must find some
other way to return to the 21st century, even as she begins to
question where she truly belongs.

Rory MacLeod -- a Highlander who's been sent by Bonnie Prince
Charlie to uncover a magical relic -- is mystified by the beautiful,
strangely-clad woman who comes to his rescue when he is
bricked in a tower by his enemy. As the two of them are drawn
ever more deeply into the ancient legends that haunt the
windswept isle, and must battle forces of light and darkness, Rory
finds himself torn between the demands of clan and country, and
the yearnings of the heart.

The Parting Glass is a sweeping tale that evokes the fierce
passion, the thrilling adventure, and the breathtaking romance of
18th century Scotland