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Eight hundred years ago a Crusader in the Holy Land discovered a gold box. Under a veil of
secrecy it was transported to England and hidden, the clues to its whereabouts embedded in
sixteen cryptic lines of verse. For centuries it has been rumored that the treasure was none other
than The Ark of the Covenant . . .

Photographer Edie Miller is eyewitness to a brutal murder and the theft of an ancient Hebrew relic known as the
Stones of Fire -- the breastplate worn by Moses to protect him from the Ark of the Covenant. Fearing the D.C.  police
are complicit, in desperation, she turns to historian Caedmon Aisquith for help. If, as it seems, a sinister army of
mercenaries has masterminded the theft, it's only a matter of time before they find the most formidable relic of all --
the Ark of the Covenant.

Marked for execution, Edie and Caedmon are on the run. From Washington D.C. to Canterbury Cathedral to the island
of Malta, they must follow the clues of the quatrains if they are to discover the truth, ward off a global conflagration,
and stay alive.
"Non-stop action and clever plotting power this thrilling debut . . . tossing in just a hint of romance. Fans of
Dan Brown and Steve Berry will be enthralled." - -Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)
During the Middle Ages, rumors about an ancient Egyptian text spread like wildfire among the
alchemists. Known as the Emerald Tablet, this sacred text was said to contain the secret of
creation. Some claimed it was crafted by the Egyptian god Thoth. Others claimed it was written
by the Greek god Hermes. But there were a few who believed its true author was none other than
the Hebrew patriarch, Moses.

After lecturing at the Freemasons' House of the Temple, historian Caedmon Aisquith and his assistant, photographer
Edie Miller, are approached by an archaeologist who claims to know the whereabouts of a hidden Templar treasure.
No sooner does the archaeologist ask them to decipher a series of vitally important symbols than he's brutally
murdered. In the possession of the first piece of an astonishing puzzle, the couple embarks on a dangerous global
journey to find a treasure called the Emerald Tablet.

From subterranean Templar vaults to the back streets of London to the shadowy channels of Washington, D.C., a
dangerous enemy is tracking their every move, following them toward the very heart of mankind's ultimate mystery --
the secret of creation.
The Montsegur Medallion contains an encrypted map that leads to the most coveted relic, the
Holy Grail. In the wrong hands it could destroy civilization.

Special Ops soldier Finn McGuire finds himself framed for a string of murders after he uncovers the legendary
Montsegur Medallion in an ancient Syrian chapel.

On the run with anthropologist Kate Bauer, Finn must now deal with an enemy who will stop at nothing to possess the
pendant . . . and the Holy Grail. The culprits? A group of Nazi SS descendants known as The Seven. Their plan? To
resurrect the Third Reich.

Former MI5 operative Caedmon Aisquith is an expert in the Knights Templar and the Grail; he knows The Seven can
only desire it for evil. When Finn and Kate approach him, soldier, spy, and scholar join forces in a quest to find the
deadly relic and halt the bloodshed. But the stakes are high, for the fate of mankind hangs in the balance if they fail.
A long-lost gospel -- the Evangelium Gaspar -- holds the truth about Jesus of Nazareth. Whoever
possesses it will wield unlimited power . . .

The death of the pope triggers a plot to seize the papacy. Members of the Santa Muerte, a satanic brotherhood, and a
shadowy conspirator seek a lost gospel that holds a devastating truth about the Christian faith, which they will use to
blackmail the Vatican. But first they have to secure it.

Caedmon Aisquith, Templar expert and former MI5 operative, receives an ominous ransom demand: find the
Evangelium Gaspar or your kidnapped daughter will be killed. Racing against time, he must solve a series of clues
involving esoteric symbols and artfully encoded riddles. All the while staying one step ahead of the bloodthirsty Santa

From India to Spain to a Merovingian church in the heart of Paris, Caedmon and his assistant, American photographer
Edie Miller, hunt for the most explosive secret of all -- a two-thousand-year-old cover-up that will forever change the
course of history.